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"We will manage the visit,” Tinia said. "For example, we will provide transportation for those who live in Senen and want to visit Setu Babakan. So people who don't have private vehicles still can go." The schedule will be shared via an app and the official website of the Jakarta government. prepare "During the implementation, we will involve the Jakarta Transportation Agency to the routes and vehicles," Tinia said. "We hope the movement can be beneficial for people to improve their knowledge." Source: gerebek-museum-movement.html e. 1. a. 4. The text is an example of ... texts. descriptive b. narrative C. recount d. news item e. report The purpose of Gerebek Museum is 2. the Jakarta Transportation Agency The INCORRECT statement according to the text is .... a. Gerebek Museum will be held by the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Agency b. Gerebek Museum is held in every museum in Indonesia c. free transportation will be provided in May d. the Jakarta Transportation Agency will prepare the routes and vehicles free transportation will take people to museum on weekends We will manage the visit. (line 8) a. e. 5. to encourage people to visit museum b. to offer public transportation for free C. to facilitate people to go to Setu Babakan from Senen d. to improve people's knowledge about Jakarta e. to prepare the routes and vehicles The source of the information is .... a. the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Agency b. the Jakarta Governor C. the Jakarta Government d. the head of the Jakarta Tourism and Culture Agency 3. The underlined word has a similar meaning to .... a. divide b. add C. involve d. increase e. conduct ENGLISH ol Students Grade XII
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