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Complete the text with suitable words from the box. Then, read the text aloud, in turns. . . . ran away keep out felt nice sad noticed chased lovely tall wall full of flowers happy looked out . . a at all. He went away to visit a friend and didn't There was once a giant who wasn't (1). come back for seven years. While he was away, children came to play in the giants (2) gardens. They were (3). and forgot all about him. Then, the giant came back. “What are you doing?” he bellowed, and all the children (4). So the giant built a (5) and put up a notice, warning the children to (6). At first, the giant was pleased. Then he (7) that no birds came and sang in his gardens any more. And worse, it was always winter. The giant became (8) Then, one morning the song of a bird woke the giant. He (9). and saw that the children had come back. They had crept through a hole in the wall, and now the gardens were (10) and birds. The giant tore down the wall and promised never to be selfish again. Adopted from: Mary Hoffman, A First Book of Fairy Tales, New York, DK Publishing, 2018, 1
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