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Windha Prabaningrum
Student XI IPS
Fill in the blanks using the past simple of one of the verbs in the list provided. SPEND ROLLER SKATE KISS GET LOOK MOW COMB PAINT HAVE ENJOY SWIM TAKE BUY DO BUILD MAKE | PLAY 1 WEAR I GET 1 GO 1 BE I WIN I LEAVE 1 LISTEN Jim Ted up at 7 o clock and a shower before his breakfast. Larry went to the river and with his little red ship. nice picture during his drawing lesson at school. Fred was in the park and down the slide several times. Linda playing with her hula hoop until she tired. Anna her hair several times before she for school In the morning Jim a very big snow ball in the garden. Larry the whole morning riding on his new rocking horse Steve and his friends the baseball match and very happy Clara after her little ted bear. She said it was ill Bob the grass in his garden He does it every weekend Hannah in the park with her friends. She had a great time Susie the pool using her rubber ring. She can't swim yet. Peter the shopping yesterday. He of things lots Alan his mp3 player in the living room after lunch It was Tim's birthday and Gina him on his cheek. Paul went to the beach and a beautiful sand castle. Pam her new dress for the first time and was pleased with it. Martha her little dog for a long walk in the park Henry nice hot bath whe he got up this morning.
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